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Getting Back to School Safely
   Safety at Brightwood
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   Arrival & Dismissal
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Arrival & Dismissal: Each grade level will have a designated entrance that they will use for Arrival & Dismissal each day.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: Door #1 (Plainfield Street)

  • LINKS: Door #1 (Plainfield Street)

  • Kindergarten: Door #6 (Parking Lot)

  • First Grade: Door #5 (Abbe Ave/Parking Lot)

  • Second Grade: Door #5 (Abbe Ave/Parking Lot)

  • Third Grade: Door #6 (Parking Lot)

  • Fourth Grade: Door #10 (Rowland Street)

  • Fifth Grade: Door #10 (Rowland Street)

Students will be greeted by their Classroom Teacher/Educator at their designated entrance each morning. Students will be escorted to their classrooms. Families can wait at the designated exit for dismissal each day. 

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